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Daphne PearsonComment
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This (blog) has been bubbling for awhile now. Swirling thoughts in my head, conversations with friends, what’s happening in the world, San Francisco. It's not being put in a box anymore. Not being defined by my age, gender, my place in life, my body, or what I like or who I like. It’s not carrying the labels, “childless”, “single”, “middle aged”, “curvy”. But mainly it’s about good vibes, what I want my life to be, where I want to go, see, do and be with.

Entering my early 40’s, single (divorced) without kids has been interesting to say the least. It wasn’t my plan, but I realize it’s my path. Dating and relationships, getting older, staying healthy, transitioning friendships and redefining what middle aged can be, should adventure.

There are so many bloggers in their 20’s, 30’s, but not many speaking for the 40-something women. I realize that I’m not alone, here in this place.

Don’t worry, this won’t be super serious, i’m not, but I guess I want show that you can look forward to aging. That you can have a full and happy life if you don’t have children. You can change bad habits and patterns even at this age and live the life you imagine. And just because you find yourself single at a point in time, it doesn’t mean that’s who you are are or what your future looks like.