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My week off from work is sadly coming to an end.  It’s been SO nice to have a taste of the bohemian life, free of schedules, meetings and commuting. Sadly, while I was gone it was my managers last day at work.  She decided to leave her job to travel the world with her husband for a year.

While I love my day job and am not planning on leaving, ever since I heard the news, it has made me think about a different type of life and how I can make changes in my life to un-tether myself from the 9-5.

While I already do some freelance design and brand work, it’s made me want to grow this business to have more flexibility in my schedule as well as where I live.

Have you changed your career to live a more bohemian lifestyle?


I can’t remember where I found this quote, but I sometimes save quotations that I dig on my phones camera roll as a place for inspiration when I need it.  This week was a challenging week mainly because I was sick, and that can sometimes make everything seem a little harder. With Robin Williams death among other things, I had to remind myself that we all face bad days, weeks, failure, doubt and hard times.  It’s really how we overcome them that says more about us than the problems we face.

xo, happy friday!


Have you ever had fun when you least expected you would?

My youngest sister and I always crack ourselves up doing the most mundane things. Sitting in traffic, grocery shopping or even on one occasion being sick together. We tend to find humor and joy by just being together, which I love about us.


What are you doing this weekend?  We have several parties to go to, which is unusual for us, but I’m excited about it.  But the celebration I’m most excited about is John’s birthday! Happy Birthday babe :)

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend day is to jump in the car with our dog and head out with no plans.  Sometimes we drive hours and hours and sometimes we just end up down the street.  I love this quote by Mark Twain that reminds me that no time is like the present to explore.  Humm, hopefully we can do this soon.



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