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Eichler 1Photo credit. Photo by Drew Kelly, California Home Design

This weekend we went to our friends house for a BBQ. It’s always a treat to go down there because they are not only great cooks, but they live in a remodeled Eichler home.

If you’re not familiar with Eichler, he was an architect in the 50’s that was popular for the style of “California Modern” architecture. His houses typically feature glass walls, post-and-beam construction and open floor plans that pay tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. Eichler Homes exteriors featured flat and/or low-sloping A-Framed roofs, vertical 2-inch pattern wood siding, and spartan facades with clean geometric lines. One of Eichler’s signature concepts was to “Bring the Outside In,” achieved via skylights and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with glass transoms looking out on protected and private outdoor rooms, patios, atriums, gardens, and swimming pools. Most Eichler homes feature few, if any, front-facing (that is, street-facing) windows, with those that do exist being either small ceiling level windows or small rectangular windows with frosted glass which is contrary to most other architectural designs which have almost all front rooms featuring large windows.

I was too shy to ask my friends to photograph their house, maybe when I’m there next time, but here are some photos of similar homes. The all white home is amazing!

Eichler 2Photo:

eichler 3Photo: Metropolitan Magazine

eichler 4Photo: EastBay Modern

eichler 6Photo: To the Web

eichler 7Photo: Toerge Photography

eichler 8Photo: Toerge Photography

I’ve mentioned before that I love, love, love notebooks! I usually drag about ten around with me at a time, all with just a few pages filled out on various subjects. In the age where we don’t seem to write anymore with pen and paper, there is something comforting in having a notebook close by to capture a thought or keep track of something that isn’t dependent on a power cord.

Handmademodern is a shop by Elizabeth Rosemond in Washington state. She’s not only a very cool mother with a great eye for design, but a friend of mine from high school. She makes the cutest notebooks, art journals and supplies.




With kids flocking back to school and summer ending I thought a little touch of  yellow would be a fitting tribute to summer to show some of my favorite ways to bring a little sunshine inside.


Country Living


Armelle Habib for Inside Out


Elements at Home


Elle Interior


Lucas Allen


Via Anne Sage, Stylist Raina Kattleson for Rue Magazine

Yellow-8Elle Norway


The Guardian, Lee Garland

I’ve been designing my business cards and have been looking around for a little inspiration.  I saw these hand painted letter press cards done for Oh So Beautiful Paper  by Gus & Ruby Letterpress with beautiful gold foil edging by Smock and had to share. The process they describe is fascinating and the love for the technique is clearly shown in the end product.


Watercolor-Gold-Foil-Edged-Letterpress-Business-Cards-Gus-and-Ruby-Letterpress-OSBP-30 Watercolor-Gold-Foil-Edged-Letterpress-Business-Cards-Gus-and-Ruby-Letterpress-OSBP-53

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper


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