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I’ve been loving seeing all my friends kids going back to school photos on Facebook. I remember those days. The nervous energy of starting school again. Wearing new shoes and a new outfit, a backpack full of folders and binders.

While summer is my favorite season, mainly because I love the sun and hot weather, as an adult the beginnings of fall is a new beginning of sorts. Pulling out the boots, sweaters and cozy socks.

Luckily here in the bay area, we get a push of hot weather in September and October called Indian Summer. While the sun sits lower in the sky, and it’s a tad cooler, it’s what us city dwellers look forward too from June – August while we live in fog.

I was thinking of getting together some friends and doing an end of summer hootanany on the beach the next few weekends? Bon fire, marshmallows, music. Anyone in?

A friend just sent me this article  after I told them I had no idea how I had so many mosquito bites all over me. I look like I just did a trek down the amazon, rather than living in the middle of a city with concrete everywhere.

It’s hard to believe that during the summer San Francisco has a huge mosquito issue.  While it’s pretty normal in the rest of the country to see those little guys out, here in San Francisco, it’s fairly cool at night during the summer so we’re not prepared for hot evenings. Almost no one has air conditioner nor do we have screens on our windows.  So when it is hot, everyone has their windows wide open to cool off and those little buggers get in.

I love these illustrations by Isla Bell in the article showing what we are up against.

Miquito 7-28-2014 12-40-31 PM Mosquito saga

Illustration Credits: Isla Bell


I admit, I’m a huge romantic.  Flowers send my heart a flutter and weddings always make me cry. When I saw the photos of these San Francisco City Hall Weddings  on SF Gate Blog I teared up.  The couples look so happy (and wow, what awesome dresses), but the architecture is amazing at San Francisco City Hall.


Here are some photos to swoon over…
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
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