Girl in the Fog

A friend just sent me this article  after I told them I had no idea how I had so many mosquito bites all over me. I look like I just did a trek down the amazon, rather than living in the middle of a city with concrete everywhere.

It’s hard to believe that during the summer San Francisco has a huge mosquito issue.  While it’s pretty normal in the rest of the country to see those little guys out, here in San Francisco, it’s fairly cool at night during the summer so we’re not prepared for hot evenings. Almost no one has air conditioner nor do we have screens on our windows.  So when it is hot, everyone has their windows wide open to cool off and those little buggers get in.

I love these illustrations by Isla Bell in the article showing what we are up against.

Miquito 7-28-2014 12-40-31 PM Mosquito saga

Illustration Credits: Isla Bell


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