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I took some much needed time away from the blog this fall to refocus my energies on work and some other things and now am back for 2015 feeling re energized and ready to say hello again.
I’m really excited about the year ahead and all of its possibilities both personal and professional.

I’ve given myself a few goals for the year ahead and a few challenges to promote peace and balance in my life. I’ve realized over the last few months that I tend to focus on everyone but myself, which makes me and others in my life unhappy too, despite my efforts otherwise. So my main goal this year is to make myself a priority. I put together a few…

A yoga challenge!
My challenge for myself is 30-days of yoga classes or 30 minutes of stretching (on trainer days).
Yoga is something I love but I never seem to make time for it. It calms my crazy spinning mind and always makes me feel like I can rule the world when I’m done with the class. I see a trainer a few times a week and he make me strong, but I’m definitely missing some balance with my workouts.

In the hopes of starting a new habit that I can’t stop, I joined a new fancy pants gym down the street from my house that has a few yoga classes a day. I’m already enjoying the classes and loving how I’m feeling after. Maybe I’ll even do some hot yoga, which makes me nervous, gulp.

Creative Head space
When I get home from work I usually crash out on my couch with my phone and computer. Not how I imagine myself spending my time in my ideal world, although its so easy to do. Being a creative person, I really need time away from work that is spent working on projects to build my skills, not to mention calm my mind and use my hands. My goal is to spend a night or two a week where I shut things off for a few hours and work on projects, such as knitting, painting, crafts, sketching, doodling, etc.

Living with my sweet wonderful boyfriend has made my life so much better, but it has been horrible for my waistline. His diet can sometimes center around cheese, sugar and bread, which are the worst things I can eat. So this year I want to be a lot more conscious about what goes in my body. That it fuels me and helps me get to my goals and the quality is high.

I’m a big Banana Republic fan and have been for years, ever since they were a small store in Mill Valley that sold safari gear and very cool t-shirts. BRFall1984015Now of course the brand is something very different since Gap Inc. bought the store back in the 80′s. Banana has seemed to fit both my body and my style throughout the years, being one of the few cool places that had a sizes larger than a six, it’s been one of my go to places for work clothes and special occasion dresses.

While I’ve been a loyal customer for some time, I’ve been really impressed with the collections since Marissa Webb joined BR. I’ve been loving the new edge. This along with some great sales have really helped me infuse some new life into my closet for the fall. Here are a few of my favorite new pieces I’m sure I’ll be wearing to death the next few months.




Images: Banana Republic

Last week I needed to take a week off of most everything to spend some time with me and focus on the home front. Home and those in it are to me the gold in my heart. Never one to pass up an obvious transition, here are some beautiful gold accents in the home.

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“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Do you ever feel like you are killing it and life is good. Then, without warning, your perspective changes and things don’t seem too rosey after all. That’s how yesterday was for me.

It’s funny how you can put on blinders to reality. While looking at things differently and examining life from different eyes can be hard sometimes, I’m happy to be able to take that look and make adjustments to get myself where I want to go.

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” -Tim Burton

Eichler 1Photo credit. Photo by Drew Kelly, California Home Design

This weekend we went to our friends house for a BBQ. It’s always a treat to go down there because they are not only great cooks, but they live in a remodeled Eichler home.

If you’re not familiar with Eichler, he was an architect in the 50’s that was popular for the style of “California Modern” architecture. His houses typically feature glass walls, post-and-beam construction and open floor plans that pay tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. Eichler Homes exteriors featured flat and/or low-sloping A-Framed roofs, vertical 2-inch pattern wood siding, and spartan facades with clean geometric lines. One of Eichler’s signature concepts was to “Bring the Outside In,” achieved via skylights and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with glass transoms looking out on protected and private outdoor rooms, patios, atriums, gardens, and swimming pools. Most Eichler homes feature few, if any, front-facing (that is, street-facing) windows, with those that do exist being either small ceiling level windows or small rectangular windows with frosted glass which is contrary to most other architectural designs which have almost all front rooms featuring large windows.

I was too shy to ask my friends to photograph their house, maybe when I’m there next time, but here are some photos of similar homes. The all white home is amazing!

Eichler 2Photo:

eichler 3Photo: Metropolitan Magazine

eichler 4Photo: EastBay Modern

eichler 6Photo: To the Web

eichler 7Photo: Toerge Photography

eichler 8Photo: Toerge Photography

I’ve been loving seeing all my friends kids going back to school photos on Facebook. I remember those days. The nervous energy of starting school again. Wearing new shoes and a new outfit, a backpack full of folders and binders.

While summer is my favorite season, mainly because I love the sun and hot weather, as an adult the beginnings of fall is a new beginning of sorts. Pulling out the boots, sweaters and cozy socks.

Luckily here in the bay area, we get a push of hot weather in September and October called Indian Summer. While the sun sits lower in the sky, and it’s a tad cooler, it’s what us city dwellers look forward too from June – August while we live in fog.

I was thinking of getting together some friends and doing an end of summer hootanany on the beach the next few weekends? Bon fire, marshmallows, music. Anyone in?

Love seems to be something I think of often. Being in love, loving someone, what love really is? Is love passion? Dedication? Friendship? or something more?

I say it to my partner every day. I always mean it, but the meaning behind it changes. Sometimes I say it out of habit. Sometimes I say it because he says something funny, or does something nice. Other times I say it when he’s having a hard time, or he’s celebrating an accomplishment. Sometimes it said with deep meaning where I know he feels it too.

Often with us it’s just said by a smile or a look. A laugh or just something silly. Even just when he grabs my hand before we go to sleep.

I love this article about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s Lifetime of Love. They definitely had it right.

Photo: Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman

I’ve mentioned before that I love, love, love notebooks! I usually drag about ten around with me at a time, all with just a few pages filled out on various subjects. In the age where we don’t seem to write anymore with pen and paper, there is something comforting in having a notebook close by to capture a thought or keep track of something that isn’t dependent on a power cord.

Handmademodern is a shop by Elizabeth Rosemond in Washington state. She’s not only a very cool mother with a great eye for design, but a friend of mine from high school. She makes the cutest notebooks, art journals and supplies.




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