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Last week on my “stay-cation” we went up to the Napa Valley to get some sunshine, eat at a few of our favorite places, drink a little wine and have a little romance.  We heading up to Calistoga, which we like because it’s a little quieter and more local.  We stayed at the Mt. View Hotel, which is one of our favorites.

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Our first winery was in Sonoma, Chateau St. Jean and was the perfect way to relax.  The view and wine was amazing.


photo (9)


For dinner the first night we went to one of my all time favorite places in St. Helena, Goose and Gander.  My very good friend took us there when they opened last year and I was blown away about how beautiful it is.  We started the evening downstairs in the bar, which serves amazing drinks.  They have like 1000 types of speciality liqueur and huge cuts of ice for your drinks.

We sat outside to eat and it’s certainly magical with the fountains, lighting and warm weather. Everything tasted wonderful, so good in fact I only managed to take a photo of the meatballs before I put the camera away and just enjoyed the food.  I was a romantic evening for us and really just loved talking with my boy for awhile without the distractions of daily life.







The Next day we got up and went to do a little more wine tasting.  We started at V. Satturi with a little picnic.  Granted it’s a little touristy, but it has a great deli and beautiful grounds to eat your picnic.





Next stop was Peju.  The wine and grounds were beautiful.




By Far my favorite of the day was the newly remodeled Charles Krug.  I must have taken a million photos during the tasting, to delight of my boyfriend and the wine hostess. The wine was great too. I loved that they had a coffee bar in addition to the wine bar for people that weren’t drinking.Charles-Krug-2






Charles-Krug-7 Charles-Krug-5

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Sorry I missed a post yesterday.  Between work and feeling under the weather, I haven’t had much energy.

I have a love hate relationship with succulents.  While I love them, they seem to hate me and they tend to die.  I thought I’d share my virtual succulent gardens with you today as inspiration.

Succulent-LovePhoto Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (right to left)


Getting away for a few days has made me want to plan a few more trips. My idea is that I’ll take a small trip in the fall for a week and then a larger trip for my 40th birthday for two weeks.

While I’m pretty sure the small trip will be to Mexico, since it’s easy and affordable. I’ve been dying to go to Tulum, north of Cancun. Looking at these photos makes me want to warm up and relax!


For the big trip, I’m having a little harder time deciding where to go. My vision is to be someplace warm and tropical. Somewhere exotic, special but not considered “hard” travel. I’ve only been to one place, Thailand, on the list below. While I want to go somewhere new, the draw of going somewhere I know is amazing makes me want to head back there. Plus, I was by myself while there, so I’d love to go with people.

The idea in my head is to travel for two weeks.  On my birthday be with the people I love, in the most beautiful location, in a bikini. I’d love to open the trip up to my friends and family to join us, but not be together the whole time, making a little time for the two of us.

When I travel, I like to have a few days that are just for relaxing, a few days where I explore and learn about where I’m at, and a day or two with some activity. My boyfriend on the other hand can’t sit still very long, so he will want to be doing things all the time. So, I’m taking into consideration these things when I travel.

Here is the list so far.  Any advice would be great!

baliSeminyak, Bali

Puerto-RicoPuerto Rico- Culebra

AustraliaWhitsunday Islands, Australia


Formentera, Spain


Seychelles Islands


Koh Phangan, Thailand


Image Credits: Tulum, Bali, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain, Seychelles, Koh Phangan

We had planned on staying home for the long weekend and enjoy the city when it’s quiet and watch the fireworks from our roof.  But Thursday, morning we had an unexpected treat. We found out that a family friends home up near Mendocino at The Sea Ranch was free. I was so happy that she said we could use it, so we packed up the car and drove up that night for a few days of relaxing!

I’ve been coming up here with my family since I was a child, so there are lots of great memories. There are miles and miles of hiking trails along the ocean, and lots of beautiful beaches to walk.

The house is a is a beautiful modern home on a cliff overlooking the sea.  It’s extremely relaxing and somehow we seem to just sleep, watch movies, cook and grill and go for long slow walks and talk.  It’s truly one of my favorite places.








In the spirit of our nations independence, some red, white and blue inspiration.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

photo 1-1

photo 4-3


photo 1-2

photo 1

photo 1-3
photo 2-2

photo 2-3

photo 2-4
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photo 4

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photo 5


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It hit me last week…in six months I’m turning 40. FORTY!! Wow, where did my 30′s go?

Honestly, getting older hasn’t been bothering me. I think because people always mistake me for being in my early 30′s. That’s how I feel too. But the idea of turning 40 has sent my brain into overdrive, “wait, I’m not ready yet, I still have so much to do first!”

I’m not sure if I figured I’d be in a different place in life, be doing more or have accomplished some of my “wishes” by now, but that big number makes me think that I want to get some things accomplished by then, both personally and professionally.

Things like…

Owning my own business is a big one. Something that would give me more freedom in my schedule

Another is fitness. I picture me on my 40th birthday in a tiny bikini somewhere tropical. I want to feel, strong, healthy and completely at ease in my skin.

I always thought I’d have children by this age, and know by 40 I won’t be a mother. I hope to find myself closer to having a family in my early 40′s or at least at peace not having children.

What is it about 40?

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