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I wouldn’t say I’m very  fashionable.  I try, but I usually revert back to my standard uniform, work-black pants, a fitted t-shirt and a sweater. When I’m not at work I typically wear boyfriend jeans and a tank top.

To try to get out of my comfort zone, I thought adding some long skirts to the mix would be fun.  They look put together yet comfortable, especially for work.

Here are a few I’ve been thinking of getting.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.56.51 PM


Basic Midi Skirt

cT0xMDAmdz0yNzAmaD00MTAmUEltZz1jNmJmZWM5MC02ZGI0LTRmM2MtOGY4My04NzgzZThkYzJhMzUuanBn0Rebecca Taylor Pleated Midi Skirt

8-28-2014 7-51-27 AM

Reiss Baltimore Pleated Skirt

20140826-094813.jpgI’m officially six months from my 40th birthday.  Wow, how did that happen?  I remember being at my father’s 40th birthday party as a teenager thinking how old he seemed. Everyone bought him “over the hill” gag gifts. Now that I’m almost the same age, I don’t feel nearly as old as he seemed at the time.  I guess it’s all about perception.  I imagine he felt the same way?

I’ve increasingly been feeling a change coming on. I haven’t quite figured out what this change is or what it means yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s the early rumblings of my midlife crisis. I certainly don’t feel it’s a “crisis” in the negative sense, I’ve definitely been evaluating what I want out of my next 40 years of life.

My mind has been on overdrive lately coming up with various alternative lifestyles and goals for myself.  Here are some of my dreams lately…

  • Moving to Bali and teaching yoga and surfing.
  • Living in an RV for a year and…travel around the country and/or live between Napa and LA.
  • Moving to Costa Rica and opening a beachfront taco shop.
  • Opening a new business.
  • Getting super fit.
  • Going vegan.
  • Move to the country and grow veggies and get chickens and adopt lots of dogs.
  • Move to Mexico and open a shop of some sort.

While all would be nice, in reality most won’t happen.  The truth is I have a really nice life the way it is, with a great job, great friends and people in it. I’m really thankful for my partner in crime who has been patiently entertaining these ideas with me, and in some cases even on board with a change….well except the chickens and vegan parts :)  Thx babe.

Photo Credit: adrieldaniel.tumblr


Last week on my “stay-cation” we went up to the Napa Valley to get some sunshine, eat at a few of our favorite places, drink a little wine and have a little romance.  We heading up to Calistoga, which we like because it’s a little quieter and more local.  We stayed at the Mt. View Hotel, which is one of our favorites.

sth2 sth1

Our first winery was in Sonoma, Chateau St. Jean and was the perfect way to relax.  The view and wine was amazing.


photo (9)


For dinner the first night we went to one of my all time favorite places in St. Helena, Goose and Gander.  My very good friend took us there when they opened last year and I was blown away about how beautiful it is.  We started the evening downstairs in the bar, which serves amazing drinks.  They have like 1000 types of speciality liqueur and huge cuts of ice for your drinks.

We sat outside to eat and it’s certainly magical with the fountains, lighting and warm weather. Everything tasted wonderful, so good in fact I only managed to take a photo of the meatballs before I put the camera away and just enjoyed the food.  I was a romantic evening for us and really just loved talking with my boy for awhile without the distractions of daily life.







The Next day we got up and went to do a little more wine tasting.  We started at V. Satturi with a little picnic.  Granted it’s a little touristy, but it has a great deli and beautiful grounds to eat your picnic.





Next stop was Peju.  The wine and grounds were beautiful.




By Far my favorite of the day was the newly remodeled Charles Krug.  I must have taken a million photos during the tasting, to delight of my boyfriend and the wine hostess. The wine was great too. I loved that they had a coffee bar in addition to the wine bar for people that weren’t drinking.Charles-Krug-2






Charles-Krug-7 Charles-Krug-5

All Photos by Girl in the fog


My week off from work is sadly coming to an end.  It’s been SO nice to have a taste of the bohemian life, free of schedules, meetings and commuting. Sadly, while I was gone it was my managers last day at work.  She decided to leave her job to travel the world with her husband for a year.

While I love my day job and am not planning on leaving, ever since I heard the news, it has made me think about a different type of life and how I can make changes in my life to un-tether myself from the 9-5.

While I already do some freelance design and brand work, it’s made me want to grow this business to have more flexibility in my schedule as well as where I live.

Have you changed your career to live a more bohemian lifestyle?

With kids flocking back to school and summer ending I thought a little touch of  yellow would be a fitting tribute to summer to show some of my favorite ways to bring a little sunshine inside.


Country Living


Armelle Habib for Inside Out


Elements at Home


Elle Interior


Lucas Allen


Via Anne Sage, Stylist Raina Kattleson for Rue Magazine

Yellow-8Elle Norway


The Guardian, Lee Garland

St.-Jean An important part of making a small apartment in San Francisco bearable is to get out of town on a regular basis. As part of my “stay-cation” this week we hightailed it out of San Francisco to wine country to get a little sun and R&R. Stop one on the way up north was in Sonoma at this amazing winery, Chateau St. Jean.  Nestled against the hills near Kenwood, it was a beautiful place to start to unwind. We have a busy day planned today, and I’ll be sure to summarize everything in a larger post laster this week.




I’m SOOO excited to be taking some time off of work.  While originally we had planned on doing a trip up to Seattle but it wasn’t working out, so we decided to stay local and take a “staycation”

Today we’re heading up to one of my favorite places on earth, Calistoga, CA.  I’m really looking forward to some sun and pool time since we don’t have much in San Francisco this time of year.  We also have some wine tasting planned as well as some special meals planned.

Photo Credit: Girl in the Fog


I can’t remember where I found this quote, but I sometimes save quotations that I dig on my phones camera roll as a place for inspiration when I need it.  This week was a challenging week mainly because I was sick, and that can sometimes make everything seem a little harder. With Robin Williams death among other things, I had to remind myself that we all face bad days, weeks, failure, doubt and hard times.  It’s really how we overcome them that says more about us than the problems we face.

xo, happy friday!

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