Girl in the Fog

I wouldn’t say I’m very  fashionable.  I try, but I usually revert back to my standard uniform, work-black pants, a fitted t-shirt and a sweater. When I’m not at work I typically wear boyfriend jeans and a tank top.

To try to get out of my comfort zone, I thought adding some long skirts to the mix would be fun.  They look put together yet comfortable, especially for work.

Here are a few I’ve been thinking of getting.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.56.51 PM


Basic Midi Skirt

cT0xMDAmdz0yNzAmaD00MTAmUEltZz1jNmJmZWM5MC02ZGI0LTRmM2MtOGY4My04NzgzZThkYzJhMzUuanBn0Rebecca Taylor Pleated Midi Skirt

8-28-2014 7-51-27 AM

Reiss Baltimore Pleated Skirt

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