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My week off from work is sadly coming to an end.  It’s been SO nice to have a taste of the bohemian life, free of schedules, meetings and commuting. Sadly, while I was gone it was my managers last day at work.  She decided to leave her job to travel the world with her husband for a year.

While I love my day job and am not planning on leaving, ever since I heard the news, it has made me think about a different type of life and how I can make changes in my life to un-tether myself from the 9-5.

While I already do some freelance design and brand work, it’s made me want to grow this business to have more flexibility in my schedule as well as where I live.

Have you changed your career to live a more bohemian lifestyle?

WW-Goal-SettingEvery Wednesday I like to put something on the blog about wellness. It’s a good reminder for me in the middle of each week to focus on something healthy and that is for my general well being.

I like to think that I’m a normal woman, who worries about their health and body like any other.  Living in San Francisco, there seems to be an increased focus on eating healthy, working out and looking young.  I try hard to do these things, but with unfair genetics and sometimes questionable will power it can be tough.

The last few years, though a lot of hard work, healthy eating and finding what works for me, I lost weight that I’d been struggling with and had kept it off until recently. Moving-in with my boyfriend last year has thrown everything I’d worked so hard for out the window.  Frustrated at not fitting into my clothes, I decided it was time to get serious about getting back into shape.  With the big 4-0 just around the corner, I’ve been really motivated.

I started working out in March with a new focus and a new trainer.  I go twice a week and honestly it is the best money I spend on myself.  Seeing a trainer keeps me focused on eating healthy and focused on my goals.  He’s great and keeps me motivated and the workouts interesting.  Last week I was shocked when I did a circuit of 100 modified pull ups, 200 modified push ups and 300 squats. In February, I could barely do 10 push ups!

With a busy life, it’s important to set a goal and a vision for things you want to accomplish.  Without knowing where you are going it’s really easy to lose sight of what you are doing, especially when you have bad days or weeks. Here is my goal-

I want to be on the beach somewhere tropical, in a bikini, feeling healthy and strong on my 40th birthday.

I’m now several months into my plan and am seeing my hard work pay off.  My weight hasn’t gone down a lot, but I’m a lot stronger and my clothes fit again.  But it hasn’t been without some setbacks.  This week has been especially challenging with allergies, four parties and work stress.  It’s been important for me to stay focused on my goal and to remember that it’s a slow road, and it should be.

To get back on track, I told myself when I woke up that I’m taking today to get myself back into a good frame of mine and remember the goal.

While the focus of this blog isn’t weight loss, I know it is something that a lot of women struggle with. I’m always inspired by my friends or others that share their journey so I thought I’d share my story.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress over the next six months and probably share some recipes, workouts and successes!

What are you doing this weekend?  We have several parties to go to, which is unusual for us, but I’m excited about it.  But the celebration I’m most excited about is John’s birthday! Happy Birthday babe :)

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend day is to jump in the car with our dog and head out with no plans.  Sometimes we drive hours and hours and sometimes we just end up down the street.  I love this quote by Mark Twain that reminds me that no time is like the present to explore.  Humm, hopefully we can do this soon.



Photo via girlinthefog

Recently I stumbled on a documentary called “the happy movie.”  It was really fascinating. 

What is Happiness?
The premise is around the question, “what is happiness?”  Is it money, children, work, beauty?  Or is happiness something more?  It’s a great watch if you have the time.
While it’s different for everyone, happiness for me is about friends, family and experiences together.  I think it’s why I love to travel so often, and look forward to quality time with the people I love.
Here are a few images that make me happy…
Relaxing in Palm Springs
photo 3
Spring at the Palace of Fine Arts
Exploring with my friends – Thailand
photo 4
Family Night on the Couch
This little boo
photo 1
Stinson Beach
photo 1-1
Seeing Molly in my Side Mirror Tasting the Air
photo 2
Beach time with my boy
What about you?  What makes you happy?
Photos: Girlinthefog (instagram)

Yesterday I had a crabby day.  I woke up that way and it pretty much stuck with me all day. I hate those days where I want to be happy, yet I’m moody.

I remembered this article I read awhile ago in Huffington Post called, Loving Kindness Meditation and Change about the power of meditation to not only make you feel happier, but make actual physical changes to your body.  The idea is by practicing this type of Loving Kind meditation, you reduce the “stress response” and can actually impact body’s inflammatory and neuroendocrine system.

I especially love this, “Look for the good in yourself—not as a way to deny your difficulties or problems but as a way to broaden your outlook so it’s more truthful and balanced. Looking for the good in ourselves helps us see the good in others.” from the Kripalu Blog, Thrive.

I’m going to check it out.



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