Girl in the Fog

Yesterday I had a crabby day.  I woke up that way and it pretty much stuck with me all day. I hate those days where I want to be happy, yet I’m moody.

I remembered this article I read awhile ago in Huffington Post called, Loving Kindness Meditation and Change about the power of meditation to not only make you feel happier, but make actual physical changes to your body.  The idea is by practicing this type of Loving Kind meditation, you reduce the “stress response” and can actually impact body’s inflammatory and neuroendocrine system.

I especially love this, “Look for the good in yourself—not as a way to deny your difficulties or problems but as a way to broaden your outlook so it’s more truthful and balanced. Looking for the good in ourselves helps us see the good in others.” from the Kripalu Blog, Thrive.

I’m going to check it out.



Photo Credit: girlinthefog

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