Girl in the Fog

Outdoor Inspiration

I’ve been loving seeing all my friends kids going back to school photos on Facebook. I remember those days. The nervous energy of starting school again. Wearing new shoes and a new outfit, a backpack full of folders and binders.

While summer is my favorite season, mainly because I love the sun and hot weather, as an adult the beginnings of fall is a new beginning of sorts. Pulling out the boots, sweaters and cozy socks.

Luckily here in the bay area, we get a push of hot weather in September and October called Indian Summer. While the sun sits lower in the sky, and it’s a tad cooler, it’s what us city dwellers look forward too from June – August while we live in fog.

I was thinking of getting together some friends and doing an end of summer hootanany on the beach the next few weekends? Bon fire, marshmallows, music. Anyone in?

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