Girl in the Fog

Recently I stumbled on a documentary called “the happy movie.”  It was really fascinating. 

What is Happiness?
The premise is around the question, “what is happiness?”  Is it money, children, work, beauty?  Or is happiness something more?  It’s a great watch if you have the time.
While it’s different for everyone, happiness for me is about friends, family and experiences together.  I think it’s why I love to travel so often, and look forward to quality time with the people I love.
Here are a few images that make me happy…
Relaxing in Palm Springs
photo 3
Spring at the Palace of Fine Arts
Exploring with my friends – Thailand
photo 4
Family Night on the Couch
This little boo
photo 1
Stinson Beach
photo 1-1
Seeing Molly in my Side Mirror Tasting the Air
photo 2
Beach time with my boy
What about you?  What makes you happy?
Photos: Girlinthefog (instagram)

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