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20140826-094813.jpgI’m officially six months from my 40th birthday.  Wow, how did that happen?  I remember being at my father’s 40th birthday party as a teenager thinking how old he seemed. Everyone bought him “over the hill” gag gifts. Now that I’m almost the same age, I don’t feel nearly as old as he seemed at the time.  I guess it’s all about perception.  I imagine he felt the same way?

I’ve increasingly been feeling a change coming on. I haven’t quite figured out what this change is or what it means yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s the early rumblings of my midlife crisis. I certainly don’t feel it’s a “crisis” in the negative sense, I’ve definitely been evaluating what I want out of my next 40 years of life.

My mind has been on overdrive lately coming up with various alternative lifestyles and goals for myself.  Here are some of my dreams lately…

  • Moving to Bali and teaching yoga and surfing.
  • Living in an RV for a year and…travel around the country and/or live between Napa and LA.
  • Moving to Costa Rica and opening a beachfront taco shop.
  • Opening a new business.
  • Getting super fit.
  • Going vegan.
  • Move to the country and grow veggies and get chickens and adopt lots of dogs.
  • Move to Mexico and open a shop of some sort.

While all would be nice, in reality most won’t happen.  The truth is I have a really nice life the way it is, with a great job, great friends and people in it. I’m really thankful for my partner in crime who has been patiently entertaining these ideas with me, and in some cases even on board with a change….well except the chickens and vegan parts :)  Thx babe.

Photo Credit: adrieldaniel.tumblr

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