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The past few weeks, I’ve been dying to do an apartment update.  When I head to the flea market at the end of the month, it just might happen (sorry honey!)

My style has morphed into what  I’d describe as modern boho. While I don’t have the budget to totally replace everything in my apartment, I can do a few small things that will pull together this look.

1. Bright fabrics, textiles, rugs.  These are the things I buy in bulk at the flea market.  The rugs and fabrics can be made into pillows or layered over a table or dresser.  Larger rugs can be hung on the wall or put on the floor.

2. Plants.  My sister jokes that I have half dead plants all over the place, which is partly true.  Maybe it’s time to chuck out the straggly guys and get some lush plants.  I tend to prefer ferns, fig trees and air plants (hey, I can’t kill those!)

3. Macrame.  I swear my mom used to have macrame plant holders all over the house when I was growing up.  And yes, it’s hip again…so why not!  Plant holders, tapestries, dream catchers all will add that boho element.

4. Unique and vintage furniture and accessories.  Small oil paintings, brass vases, baskets, hangings are what give a room that special pop and give it that boho look. it would have white walls, bright fabrics, plants and special vintage accessories.  A mid century chair, paired with an indian table create that great mix of styles.

5. Natural elements.  Woods, stone, leather and even fur (I like to use faux fur if possible).

Here is my inspiration for my decorating project.  I’ll be sure to post before and after photos during the process.


Spanish Influence


Boho Bedroom


Macrame hanging chair


Boho pillow


Boho Touches



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