Girl in the Fog

San Francisco is a city like no other I’ve ever lived. If you tried you can’t really get a bad meal.  It’s not uncommon to stumble across a vista of the bay or city  that stops you dead in your tracks.  The people are fit, stylish, educated and beautiful.  And the opportunities for business and careers are plentiful.

But then you realize you aren’t the only one that thinks the same thing…if fact you are one of million others that are trying to make it work in this crazy and beautiful city.

While there are so many benefits to living here, there are many challenges us city dwellers face, such as no parking, traffic, insane rents and housing prices. This video is pretty funny and true about the reality if renting here.

Currently, we live in a small, 600 sqft apartment in the Marina. We love the location and even the cozy size of the place. It keeps our lives simple, which we like. It doesn’t hurt that we have a screaming deal, oh, and parking!!

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We found out that our landlord wants to sell the unit next year, which gives us a year to figure out our plan. He’s offered it to us first, at a slight discount. But even with this discount, it’s still super expensive. We’ve been going back and fourth if we should try to purchase the unit, continue to rent or give up the city and move to the suburbs where where we can have a yard and additional parking.

First, you should know this about me.  I hate change.  Dread it actually.  Before big decisions, moves, job changes I’m a wreck.  I overcompensate by planning every detail, and this is no exception.  I somehow think it makes things go smoother. Who knows…

I’ve officially gone into planning mode (even though it’s a year away). While purchasing our unit is still an option, I’ve also started to explore moving and renting another apartment. OH WOW, looking around at rents in our current neighborhood has made us both gasp. At prices starting at $3500-4500 for one bedroom apartments is really scary. But, on the positive side, some of the apartments we’ve been seeing, while insanely expensive, have also gotten me really excited because they have some things we don’t currently have.  Plus a change might be fun, right?

Here are some places I’ve seen recently that have made me dream of decorating! For my wish list for our next place, I definitely want hardwood floors, some architectural detail, outdoor space and a view. In reality I may get one? Two maybe?dreaming apartments

Photos- girlinthefog, sf craigslist apartment postings

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