Girl in the Fog

Happy Friday!

This weekend we’re going to try to lay low and get caught up on some things around the house. This is the goal every weekend, but somehow we always seem to get side tracked.


Tonight we’re going to have a picnic down at the wave organ, down by our apartment, have a little wine, watch the sunset. Once we’re chilly enough we’ll walk back and watch movies on the couch.


It’s also pride weekend in San Francisco and the city has exploded with colorful rainbow flags everywhere! We might run down and check it out at the civic center, or go down to Market street and catch some of the parade.


We love to head over the bridge to Marin to warm up a little and do a little hiking with our dog on
Mt. Tamalpais. We’re so city bound during the week, it’s good to get over the bridge and feel some sun on our skin and use our car a little.

Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit: 1. Wave Organ, 2. Pride Flag 3. girlinthefog

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